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Ethiopia is a country with great geographic diversity. Its topographic features range from the highest peaks at Ras Dashen, 4,550m above sea level down to the Afar depression, 110m below sea level. The climatic conditions are as varied as its topography, with temperatures of 47 degrees Celsius in the Afar depression to 10 degrees in the Highlands. The south western parts of the country are the wettest, with the heaviest rainfall - 1,550mm (MAR) with only two or three dry months each year. Rainfall decreases gradually towards the northeastern and east of the country.

The flora of Ethiopia is incredibly diverse, with an estimated 6,500 - 7,000 species of higher plants, of which 12% endemism. Similarly, there are 240 mammal species, 845 bird species (of which 22 & 24 are endemic respectively) and it has the largest livestock population in Africa. Agriculture and forestry account for 54% of GDP, employing ca.80% of the population. These two industries also account for 90% of exports and supplies over 90% of the raw materials for the agro-industries. 

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